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Entry #3

Taking a break, exploring new things

2010-08-27 06:12:13 by Tutt

Hello all who may be vaguely interested in the workings of this account!

Just here to say that this page will be about as active as a sleeping hamster for a good few months, whilst I work on other things - guitar playing, work with the band, various side projects and of curse, school.

I'll probably pop back here now and again to check the state of things, but don't expect any submissions.

I will, however, be submitting frequently (and looking for flash animators/potentially other musicians to collaborate with) on my newest account, 'Hungarian Substations'. There I will be posting 8-Bit music for use in flash productions!

Link here: http://hungariansubstations.newgrounds .com/
(At the time of me posting this news status, there are no submissions; that should not be the issue very soon, as I have one piece waiting for validation and another completed piece waiting for upload. If by any chance this fails and I am forced to make a new account, I will notify y'all on this here news status.)

Enjoy, you brilliant people.

Peace and love,


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